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Though Batman escapes his watery trap, Robin is left in the hands of King Tut. The deluded villain still believes that Lisa Carson is really Queen Cleopatra, and calls Lisa's father to demand a ransom of $8,300,487.12, the mortgage on the Pyramids. Using the Jolly Jackson radio show to communicate, Tut negotiates the terms of payment with Batman. However, the villain most likely intends to keep both the money and Lisa, and has further plans to fry the Caped Crusaders in his royal boiling oil.
Just the highlights here. Victor Buono is brilliant as King Tut in absolutely chewing the scenery and hamming it up as much as he conceivably could. He rolls out several over-the-top utterances with such joy the viewer can&#39;t help but enjoy them with him (see the quotes for a few of the many). No other guest villain looks to have had more fun than Victor Buono. <br/><br/>The spoiler is that we get a rare racy Batman moment. Bruce Wayne turns down Lisa Carson (Lee Meriwether) and her offer after the date to come in for &quot;milk and cookies&quot; at the late time of 10:30. In fact, Bruce breaks up with her. However, she asks for a good bye kiss and they share a surprisingly long and enthusiastic one. Enthusiastic enough that Bruce reconsiders and the show ends with he and Lisa about to go into her place for a little &quot;action.&quot; As Bruce mentions, man can not live by crime fighting alone.
&quot;Batman&#39;s Waterloo&quot; opens with the Caped Crusader escaping death by relaying his plight to Alfred in the Batcave, remaining alive underwater for over an hour due to his training in the fashion of Indian fakirs, reducing his breathing and heartbeat to a dead minimum. Robin remains a captive of King Tut (Victor Buono), who has vowed to boil him in oil once he gets the beauteous Lisa Carson (Lee Meriwether) to agree to become his queen. A phone call to her father, John E. Carson (Nelson Olmsted), results in an agreed ransom amount to be delivered by Batman, who also comes prepared with a Batpill that instantly transforms the boiling oil into a hardened substance, foiling Tut&#39;s plans and allowing Lisa a final clinch with Bruce Wayne, who actually gives in to her advances! Radio blowhard Jolly Jackson was played by Tommy Noonan, former comedy partner of Peter Marshall, just over a year before his untimely death at age 46. Tut&#39;s two henchmen are Lloyd Haynes, still a year away from his co-starring role on ROOM 222, and Tim O&#39;Kelly, previously seen as a high schooler in &quot;The Joker Goes to School,&quot; here graduated to Yale, his best remembered movie role coming some 10 months later, opposite Boris Karloff in Peter Bogdanovich&#39;s &quot;Targets.&quot; Tut&#39;s jealous squeeze Neila is of course Grace Lee Whitney, recently finished with her recurring role of Yeoman Janice Rand on STAR TREK, returning for the 1979 feature film as a new character. King Tut would be back twice during the third season, again scripted by Stanley Ralph Ross.

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